How to set up SFTP/SSH keys ?

  • Check the user guide in app.


Cloning from GIT Error: Failed to authenticate SSH session: Unable to extract public key from private key

  • You should be using more compatible key format, not the newer OpenSSH format.
    Specifically Mac OSX Mojave’s ssh-keygen will generate newer style OpenSSH key pairs by default. Check ”Generating SSH Key for GIT”.


Generating SSH Key for GIT

  • Open your terminal on Mac/pc.
    Use one of the following commands. This will generate proper id_rsa and keys.

    ssh-keygen -m PEM -t rsa -b 4096

    ssh-keygen -m PEM -t rsa -b 4096 -C ””


How can I open the terminal ?

  • 1. Open created SFTP/SSH connection from main view.
  • 2. Press ”+” sign on top right.
  • 3. Choose terminal.