Feature Description
Unicode support Code in any language supported by iOS
Editor features
  • Split View and Slide Over
  • Tabs (edit multiple files)
  • Built In Terminal (SSH Client)
  • Multiple terminals in tabs
  • Dark and light mode
  • Extended keyboard
  • Auto-complete code
  • Auto-indent
  • Auto-complete quotes
  • Auto-complete brackets
  • Automatically go into edit mode
  • Navigation arrows
  • Expand tabs (soft / hard tabs)
  • Tab spacing
  • Display tab characters
  • Display space characters
  • Display newline characters
  • Font and font size
  • Line numbers
  • Line spacing/height
  • Highlight current line
  • Highlight matching brackets ”[, {, (”
  • Show Inverse Cursor(vim mode)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Escape key will toggle between insert and Vim mode (when using your Bluetooth keyboard)
  • Many syntax themes to choose from
  • Many fixed-width fonts to choose from
  • iOS Files app support
  • ”Open from” iOS Files app (Link external folders and open multiple files)
  • iOS ”Open In” support, from Buffer Editor to other app – vice versa
  • Preview your files in safari with ”Preview in Safari” function
  • Send files by email
  • File search
  • Find & Replace (including regular expression search)
  • Upload/Download Files
  • Edit files directly on your server without download/upload
  • Auto save with interval
  • Word wrapping
  • Touch/Face ID protection
Light and dark themes In addition to many light and dark themes, the keyboard (and status bar while in fullscreen mode) will automatically change depending on the syntax theme you select.
Export options Export your code to another app, e-mail a file to another developer or use the universal paste board to copy/paste content from any app to/from the Buffer Editor app.

Supported Services

Service Description
BitBucket Git repository hosting service. Supported commands: Branch, Clone, Commit, Push, Pull. Learn more about BitBucket at bitbucket.org. Note: Mercurial is not supported.
GitHub Git repository hosting service. Supported commands: Branch, Clone, Commit, Push, Pull. Learn more about GitHub at github.com.
GitLab Git repository hosting service. Supported commands: Branch, Clone, Commit, Push, Pull. Learn more about GitLab at gitlab.com.
Custom Git Git repository hosting service. Should be used with git providers other than GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. Supported commands: Branch, Clone, Commit, Push, Pull.
Dropbox A cloud sharing service. Learn more about Dropbox at dropbox.com.
iCloud Documents A cloud sharing service by Apple.
iCloud Drive Link folders or open files from iCloud Drive with the ”open from” function via iOS files
iOS Files Access any files supported by the iOS Files app
Google Drive A cloud sharing service by Google.
FTP Allows you to work with files on a FTP server.
SSH Allows you to work with files, over an encrypted connection, on any machine that has a SSH server installed. Built In Terminal (SSH Client)
SFTP Allows you to work with files, over an encrypted connection, on any machine that has a SFTP server installed.

Supported Shortcuts (Refer to the list below for commands available to the Bluetooth keyboard.)

Key Notes
Left Move cursor left
Right Move cursor right
Up Move cursor up
Down Move cursor down
CMD + CTRL + f Toggle fullscreen
tab Tab or Indent selection
SHIFT + tab Unindent selection
CTRL + tab Next tab
CTRL + SHIFT + tab Previous tab
CMD + number (1-9) Selected tab
CMD + e Go into edit (currently open tab/file)
CMD + / Toggle comment
CMD + ALT + / Toggle block comment
CMD + a Select All
CMD + f Search
CMD + x Cut
CMD + c Copy
CMD + s Save file
CMD + v Paste
CMD + z Undo
SHIFT + ← → Select character before / after cursor
CMD + SHIFT + ← → Select all on the same line before / after cursor
CMD + SHIFT + ↑ ↓ Select all before / after cursor
OPTION(ALT) + ← → Move cursor one word forward / backward
OPTION(ALT) + SHIFT + ← → Select one word forward / backward

Supported Vim Commands

Command Description
a Move cursor after current character and go into insert mode
i Go into insert mode
o Put cursor on next line and go into insert mode
O Put cursor on previous line and go into insert mode
w Move forward by one word
b Move backward by one word
e Move forward to the end of the (current/next) word
h Move cursor left by one character
j Move cursor down by one line
k Move cursor up by one line
l Move cursor right by one character
0 Go to beginning of line
^ Go to first non-whitespace character in line
>> Indent current line
<< Unindent current line
> Indent visual selection
< Unindent visual selection
$ Go to last character in line
[number]gg Go to specific line in buffer
gg Go to first line in buffer
G Go to last line in buffer
f Go to next character in line
F Go to previous character in line
x Delete character underneath cursor
X Delete character behind cursor
r Replace character underneath cursor
s Delete character underneath cursor and enter insert mode
d Delete selection
dd Delete line
D Delete the characters under the cursor until the end of the line
y Yank selection
yy Yank line
p Paste selection in front of cursor or on next line
P Paste selection behind cursor or previous next line
u (In visual mode) Set selected text to lowercase
U (In visual mode) Set selected text to UPPERCASE
v Start Visual mode per character
V Start Visual mode linewise
u Undo action
Escape Toggle between Vim and insert mode
Ctrl+c Toggle between Vim and insert mode
Ctrl+[ and (CTRL+ALT+8 and 9) Toggle between Vim and insert mode
Ctrl+R Redo action
Ctrl+D Move half-page down
Ctrl+U Move half-page up
Ctrl+F Move page down
Ctrl+B Move page up
. Repeat action
c Change selected text, line or range of text (targeted with a set of accumulated commands) and go into insert mode
C Change everything from the current character position to the end of the line and go into insert mode
| The pipe command allows you to move to a specific column within the line. Ex: ’10|’ will move to the 10th column in the current line
J Join the previous line with new line and place cursor between joined lines
A Move to the end of the line and go directly into insert mode
I Move to the beginning of the line and go directly into insert mode
n Move to the next match in buffer
N Move to the previous match in buffer
/ Search forwards
? Search backwards
* Search for the word underneath the cursor
{ [count] paragraphs backward
} [count] paragraphs forward
~ switch character case [single, count or selection]

Supported Colon Commands

Command Description
:w, :wq Write file to disk.
:q, :q! Close the editor. Adding ’!’ will close editor discarding changes.
:red, :redo Redo an edit.
: x Write file to disk and close editor
:set nu Show line numbers
:set nonu Hide line numbers
:set nokb Hide the keyboard
:set fs Puts editor in fullscreen mode
:set nofs Takes editor out of fullscreen mode
:set ic:set ignorecase Ignore case when searching in buffer
:set noic:set noignorecase Do not ignore case (case sensitive) when searching in buffer
:sort Alphabetic sort. Use visual mode to select text
:sort n Numeric sort. Use visual mode to select text
:set syntax=[option]:syntax [option] Supported options are on (turn on syntax highlighting), off (turn off syntax highlighting), manual (use default language for file extension) and [lang_name] (use a different language to highlight buffer). Example: ’:set syntax=objc’ (this will set the language to Objective-C)

Supported Fonts

Name Author
Anonymous Pro Mark Simonson
Courier [Bold]
Courier New [Bold]
DejaVu Sans Mono Bitstream Inc.
Droid Sans Mono The Android Open Source Project
Fantasque Sans Mono
Fira Code
Fira Mono For Powerline
Inconsolata Raph Levien
Liberation Mono Pravin Satpute, Steve Matteson (Ascender, Inc.)
Luxi Mono Bigelow & Holmes Inc
monofur tobias b koehler
M+ 2m
ProFont Windows Mike Smith
Proggy Clean proggy_fonts
Proggy Square proggy_fonts
Space Mono

Supported Languages

Name Notes lang_name (Refer to :set syntax command above)
ASP Active Server Pages asp
AWK awk
ActionScript Version 3.0 actionscript
Ada ada
Arduino Arduino Reference arduino
Bash (Unix shell) bash
C c
C++ cpp
C# csharp
Clojure clojure
Cobol cobol
CSS css
D d
Dart dart
Dockerfile dockerfile
Erlang erlang
F# fsharp
Fortran fortran
Gherkin gherkin
Go go
Haml haml
Haskell haskell
HTML (4 & 5) html
INI ini
Java java
Javascript javascript
Kotlin kotlin
LaTeX latex
(Common) Lisp lisp
Lua lua
Markdown markdown
MATLAB matlab
MQL (4 & 5) mql
NSIS nsis
Objective-C objc
Org mode orgmode
Pascal pascal
Perl perl
PHP Version 5+ php
Powershell powershell
Progress progress
Prolog prolog
Pug pug
Puppet puppet
Python python
Q/kdb+ qkdb
R r
reStructuredText restructuredtext
Ruby ruby
Rust rust
Scala scala
Solidity solidity
SQL Generic SQL syntax only. sql
Stata stata
Swift swift
Terraform terraform
TypeScript typescript
TypeScriptReact typescriptreact
Verilog verilog
VHDL vhdl
Visual Basic Version 6.0 vb
Vue vue
x86 ASM x86asm
XML xml

Syntax Themes

Name Author
Ayu Dark
Ayu Light
Dante C Mach
Dark Blue
Deep Dark https://github.com/ozkanonur/vscode-deepdark-material
Desert http://hans.fugal.net/
Dracula https://draculatheme.com
Gatito https://github.com/pawelgrzybek/gatito-theme
Github http://www.github.com/
Inkpot http://github.com/ciaranm/inkpot/
Jellybeans http://nanotech.nanotechcorp.net/
Mac Classic
Made of code
Monokai http://www.monokai.nl/
One dark
One dark pro
Seti https://atom.io/themes/seti-syntax
Solarized Dark http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized
Solarized Light http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized
Spacegray light
VSCode Dark
VSCode Light
Wombat Lars H. Nielsen
Xotopia Dark

Supported Localizations